Top tips for holiday let cases

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Holiday lets have become a popular choice for landlord clients in recent years and following the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for UK staycations is soaring. The rise in Brits holidaying at home in the UK and improved rental demand has led to lenders returning to this niche buy-to-let sector. Sourcing holiday let mortgages is slightly different from regular buy-to-let and there are certain points to check with our clients at the outset.


Most mortgage lenders will expect the property to be in a prime holiday destination for example like the counties of Cornwall, Devon, together with any of costal holiday towns like Brighton.

Rental coverage

Some of the Holiday buy to lets lenders will need a local Holiday Letting Agent letter to confirm anticipated rent in low, medium and high season. An average of these will then be used in the calculation on affordability of the planned loan.


We work with several lenders that offer finance on holiday let advertised and run as an AirBnB. Further location restrictions may apply to these properties and those using elements of serviced accommodation, which is common amongst AirBnB’s, should also be checked with the potential lender.

Parks and covenants

Some holiday let properties have restrictions on how they can be used and let too which may affect the number of lenders to choose from.

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