Brexit Resources

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Last week we uploaded lots of useful Brexit resources to (www.xebraaccounting.co.uk/brexit) that will help you manage the change and impact of Brexit as smoothly as possible – This includes preparing for the end of the transition period, VAT changes, Customs Declaration preparation and travelling to the EU.

Brexit looms with even more uncertainty and with less than 90 days to go before we leave the EU, investing time in getting ready for the change has become top of the list for not only importers and exporters, but for individuals that may have to travel for work.

Bringing in goods early, before 31 December, and exporting well before Christmas, will give a breather to see what is really happening in the New Year. It’s not just about custom declarations and paperwork, but also about VAT, as most of the existing rules will change, with ‘deferred VAT’ a sensible option for most.

Please take a look at our website to see if any of these changes effect your business in any way. We are also more than happy to discuss the above or any other queries you may have on , so please get in touch if needed.

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